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What's new in 2021?

Here we are at the beginning of a new year, hoping for the best and grateful to put 2020 to bed. My desire in the coming months is move beyond this fallow period and begin creating again. Even when I tell myself that fallow times come and go and just need to be weathered while focusing creative energies elsewhere, there is sometimes anxiety in my heart when projects gather dust. Without the ability to show pieces, my momentum came to a full stop this year and it's time to turn that around - ergo these blog and social media posts.

Last year's theme was wings and I thoroughly enjoyed exploring their different forms.

I am open to a thematic path for this year, and although it remains elusive, I know that I want to dive deeper into surface decoration. In the past, I've employed stencils, painted patterns, and embroidery...

This year, I'd like to do more in depth media combinations, to incorporate more fabric and found pieces in my work.

For Christmas, I received a new embroidery book...

and used some new stitches on the Kitsune Fox I made my kiddo.

and even a blown out trouser knee

Specific 3d historic dress projects in the works are a couple of political pieces such as a Madame Pompadour made from a composition of the republican rogues gallery and perhaps the other three Horsewomen of the Apocalypse. I also still have eight more 18" mannequins waiting to be made into Frida Kahlos, so my path is not completely invisible.

Although I want clear direction and very definable goals for this year, I'm open and willing to let ideas (in their own time) coalesce into a new theme for 2021. If I've learned anything in 2020, then it is just keep on keeping on and the muse will be there when you need it.

Here's to a happy and healthy 2021 for you and yours.


All the studio shots in these posts are by Susan Wolfe.

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Linda Sweet
Linda Sweet
Dec 29, 2020

Hi Liza, An idea just popped into my head. Have you thought about putting together a book for 2021? You could make the book yourself--a single piece of art work--or actually write a book that shows your process with text and pictures. You could publish it yourself, or look for someone in the Fiberarts field to publish it, so people could buy it. Something to think about in the new year! Warmest wishes for 2021, Linda


Karen Roberts
Karen Roberts
Dec 29, 2020

These photos are really wonderful in showcasing your detailed work! I also love how the photo of the wing feathers by themselves is so evocative of space/time. I bet you will enjoy the book, I love Sue Spargo's work. I look forward to seeing your creations in the new year!

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