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What is your favorite silhouette?

There are a lot of different ways to answer this question.... What would be my favorite silhouette to wear? to view? to make?

As a 20/30 something, my favorite personal look was smart, nipped waisted 40's era silhouettes. Narrow, slightly A-line skirts, shoulder pads, chunky vintage pumps and bright red lipstick.

I don't have any snaps from my past but please follow Brand Ambassador Artist: @life_onmars_96 on Instagram for some lovely examples.

In the meantime, here are a few web examples:

I love to view any era with a contrast between bust and hips - whether it be the New Look in the 1950's ...

  • Sleeveless mini dress made from black and white portraits of Paris and French love letters. "Fur" made from tissue paper.

or the cinched corsets and giant skirts during the Victorian era.

  • Don't you just love the accentuation of the small waist via the diagonal trim and the lengthening of the neck and rounding of the shoulders via the dropped arm seams. These fashion illusions were very popular in the 1860's. This 3 foot tall paper dress made of Civil War photos depicts Mary Todd Lincoln.

  • The small waist in this dress depicting Ada Lovelace is dramatically emphasized by the bell skirt and the voluminous sleeves. This 3 foot tall paper dress was made from pages from Enchantress of Numbers by Jennifer Chiaverini. The flowers were made from computer punch cards and the striped decoration is stamped 0's and 1's. Ada's dress was modelled on the portrait of her below.

My favorite to make, however, is the Marie Antoinette - Louis XVI style.

  • This mini Antoinette is made from vintage and modern Kansas road maps, trimmed in pink lace.

  • This Antoinette is made with 2016 tax forms and dollar bills and comes with a paper cake!

I suppose one of the reasons I like making this silhouette is that the corsets style at the time squashed the bosom and created a cone shaped torso - perfect for an armature of metal fencing.

I would love to explore my first fashion love of the 1940s with all the pocket and lapel details, however my medium requires full length skirts to cover the armature.

Enjoy this brief romp through history and please tell me about your favorite silhouettes in the comments below.

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Mary Todd Lincoln is my favorite.


Angela Longhurst
Angela Longhurst
Dec 19, 2020

I’d love it if we brought back the empire waist 🥰

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