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Welcome to MacKomics Studio

This is the homepage and gallery site for Liza MacKinnon's artwork. I am a Midwest 3D artist with decades of experience in mediums such as illustration and graphic design to sculpture and fiber arts.  My primary focus is historical fashion made from paper.  I create 3-foot tall sculptures, created from books, maps, letters, photos and currency - domestic and foreign.  Many of the characters are historic figures, some are personalities from fiction and a few are completely abstract.  They can be found on the Paper Garments tab and are arranged by the exhibition they were created for.  A number of these large scale works are available for sale; please contact MacKomics Studio to arrange shipping or delivery.

View my Artist Statement and CV to learn more about the how and why behind these paper sculptures.

Are you interested in making your OWN paper dress? Join me for an all-inclusive art retreat get-away! See my new venture at


To see a schedule of upcoming shows, please click exhibitions.  If you are interested in the artistic process or the very latest creations, follow me on Instagram @liza.mackinnon or on Facebook @MacKomics.Studio.

Best to you,


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