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June reflections

June Newsletter 2023 What's happening at MacKomics Studio

The opening and reception for the Women's Work show in Volland was a wonderful experience. Meeting and talking with Tabor College Professor Shin-Hee Chin, participating in an artist panel and seeing so many friendly faces was so rewarding. Thanks to Patty and Ryan for all your hard work and for the opportunity to exhibit in your beautiful space.

Hello Friends! It has been a busy couple of months, primarily with working on a single garment: "The Santorini Dress" I spent seven weeks on this challenging project - approaching it like all my pieces - with a singular vision and faith that even if that vision evolved; it would somehow work out in the end. The original plan was to have Greek houses spill all the way down to the sea side - from hip to floor. Due to a decades long avoidance of anything to do with Math, I did not plan, I did not measure, I did not anticipate, did not predict that basic geometry would bite me in the butt. I kept going, even though there was no way (in our known physical reality) to pack these little buildings into the hillside tightly enough to create a sweeping cascade of little Greek houses. So.. when I put the cliff together with the 1950's dress the piece just didn't gel, didn't come together. You know when something rings true, you sometimes know when something is finished, but you really know when you are stuck.

Letting go of this piece being the BEST, the MOST AMAZING, a SHOWSTOPPER was not easy. I've been lucky, most endeavors (in the narrow realm of paper garments) progress smoothly and result in artwork I am proud of. Wrestling with all the feels that came up with this dead end was interesting and I was resistant. It occurred to me that it was another opportunity to let go, reflect, and observe. After much grumbling and gnashing of teeth, what I noticed was how much pressure I was putting on this piece to be x times better than anything I had ever made. The trajectory of this project illuminated, by extrapolation, how much pressure I've put on myself to "succeed" at the Art Santa Fe show.

This is a very expensive show to participate in. It's a break the bank, put all your eggs in one basket kind of situation. My anxiety about taking the risk has been rising and with the "failure" of the "showstopper" piece, and as often happens, I was primed for some new thinking, some new perspective.

Through good conversations with friends and a lot of self reflection, I've come to the conclusion that simply... what will be - will be. I can choose to enjoy my experience in Santa Fe, know the risks and be present through the whole thing. If I loose money or don't sell much, or don't make those "perfect" contacts or whatever, it will still be incredible. I love what I create and want to share all the squirrely details with anyone who's interested!

The cute little pair of blue jeans made from maps of Kansas with a little DIY shrinkydink jayhawk keychain donated to the Lawrence Art Center 2023 Annual Art Auction was chosen by a KU student to create an interesting visual journey.

I've recently joined the Art Love Collective in downtown Lawrence. It is located at 646 Vermont, right across from the post office. This is an amazing community with constant inclusive events and tiered membership making it very accessible to artists in all phases of their career. I have a permanent retail display of child sized paper garments which will rotate periodically.

In the mean time (since letting go of my expectations for the Santorini dress) I've put my time towards some new pieces for Art Santa Fe. I specifically chose designs that I felt confident would be successful to manufacture that win-win-dopomine we all crave and to keep up my momentum!

These cuties will be debuted at Santa Fe convention center July 14-16. If you are interested in attending, you can acquire FREE tickets - just follow this QR code or click the image or follow the link and get as many as you need. It's a pretty simple process and you can email or text them to yourself or print and carry to the show.

I'll be in Santa Fe from July 12 - 21. Santa Fe Friends, please reach out - I'd love to meet up for coffee or see your latest projects or have you show off how you've hung my work in your homes! I'd especially love to see you at the show and hope you'll help me to spread the word. Contact me if you have any trouble accessing the free tickets. My time is filling up and I don't want to miss catching up with any of you!

Here's to good friends and enjoying life as it comes - grateful for challenges and ease alike.

Thank you to all the wonderful people who have trusted me with their family heirlooms, photos, favorite places, books and people. It has been an honor to collaborate and incorporate your vision into the final garment. Each custom commission stretches my imagination, skills and wonder for the world. I truly love the work you have given me.

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