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The Turn of the Year

Looking forward; Looking back What an amazing, complex, challenging and fulfilling year! Even with a major loss at the beginning of the year, I was determined to make 2022 (my golden year) one where I lived this artistic life to the full extent possible. I participated in 10 major shows in Kansas and New Mexico, gave multiple artist talks and workshops, and created about 60 pieces in 12 months. If I measured my artistic life purely in production and exhibition, I exceeded my high expectations. What I learned along the way, however, is that fulfillment comes from many other sources too. Meeting new artists, teaching people skills and confidence, and exploring collaborations: all boil down to human connections. I also learned that yes, I can push myself hard to work the equivalent of two full time jobs, but it isn’t very balanced and I’d like to do better this year. I’ve done a lot of integrating my “artistic self” and the “everything else” self this year, such as removing the phrase: “These sculptures contain layers of meaning and messages that I might not be naturally brave enough to talk about” from my statement because it just isn’t true anymore. I’ve demoted or removed references to MacKomics Studio on wall tags and business cards because I no longer feel the need to hide behind a business name, and I’ve removed references to other services and fully embraced Historic Costumes Fashioned by Paper as what I do, what I want to specialize in. Maybe aging assists the laser focus, maybe recognizing our short time to shine here on earth makes it easier to say Yes to this and No to that. I’ve also come to the decision that pursuing the sweet spot in art making is where I’d like to reside. I’ve equated selling my work with artistic progress and to that end, I’ve made many close relatives to existing pieces. Although I always strive to please people, recreating work takes a toll on the free spirit. I’d much rather work with someone to make a unique and special garment. I’ve included some photos of some of the more incredible collaborations I’ve been lucky enough to create. If you’ve been thinking of a piece, please contact me before Jan 1, 2023 to lock in 2022 prices ($120 Doll-sized, $160 Toddler-sized). Any commissions currently in my queue will remain at quoted prices. I’ve been long admonished that my prices were way too low and will be adjusting them in 2023 in preparation for seeking gallery representation. Although I can’t visualize the 2023 balanced path quite yet, I’m working towards it, listening to the call of the creative muse and choosing how I spend my time. I wish you the best of your sweet spots in 2023.

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